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Gold Minutes - The Creation Station Studios


GoldMinutes can be redeemed at any The Creation Station Studios location, during ‘regular’ and ‘after’ hours, and can be used for any self tape video or voice over recording services. Gold-Minutes purchases/balances are automatically transferred to your The Creation Station Studios account. If you purchase Gold-Minutes and you do not already have an account with The Creation Station Studios, an account is automatically created for you once you purchase Gold Minutes.

Using gold minutes does not eliminate any other fees or charges (appointment fees, rush fees, etc…). Gold-Minutes can only be used towards minutes.

To purchase Gold-Minutes by themselves, You must have a secure cryptocurrency account/wallet and you can easily and securely set one up in minute on Coinbase (If you don’t have an account you can create one and get FREE crypto HERE and receive $10 for FREE when using that link).


All Gold-Minutes purchases are automatically added to your The Creation Station Studios account (an account is automatically created if you do not already have one).

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